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“I make art as a release. I always felt more eccentric than others. I feel a sense of purpose while I am painting. I love the stress relief painting provides, and I love thinking creatively outside the box and being colorful.”  

Jordyn is originally from Washington state, but moved to the Bay Area looking for a fresh start. She approaches her art in an intuitive and an unconventional manner, seeking to express feelings through her creations. She says, “my art is very abstract and lively. I want people to feel something when they see my art.”

Jordyn lives with ADHD and depression, which has created challenges in her life. Jordyn describes her acceptance into ArtLifting as one of her biggest accomplishments. She says, “I struggle every day; for me to be part of ArtLifting gives me hope!” She describes that having others appreciate her artwork “provides a sense of purpose. It means the world to me. Thank you in advance to anyone appreciating my work. I put my soul in every piece.”



Bison Design Co. creates custom, handcrafted furniture. We salvage our wood and materials from sites both old and new, giving our pieces the signature modern-rustic touch we’ve become known for. Pulling rusted nails, scraping barn paint and incorporating century-old saw marks isn’t something many furniture manufactures are accustomed to; but at Bison, we see a story in these so-called imperfections.

From our base in Kansas City, we have hand-delivered our custom pieces to all corners of Kansas and Missouri. Our clients come to us when they don’t want something they can find in a store, or that their neighbor already has. Our work can be found in corporate conference rooms, residential living rooms, office entryways and all places in between. A custom piece from Bison, large or small, indoor or outdoor, will reinvent your space with a mature finish no off-the-shelf product could offer. 

We’ll tell you that we were founded in 2015, but our roots reach back to the small, family-owned pharmacy our founder, Adam Schroeder, spent his childhood in. Perhaps it was the ornate display cabinetry found in his father’s old shoppe, or the row of old wooden barns that give Osage City, KS a skyline, but Adam has never had to look far for inspiration. 

In 2017, as Bison’s reputation and custom orders continued to grow, Weston Arbogast joined Adam in the wood shop. Now working as creative partners, Adam and Weston have Bison Design Co. primed to grow. The craftsmen see Bison expanding to a larger wood shop in 2018, accompanied with a boost in production and design.

Our clients aren’t the only ones taking notice - Bison has recently been featured in Normal Human, Go Local Interactive and VIP Wichita Magazine. 



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Hi! We are Matt + Anna, the duo behind Designs By Patterson. We are high school sweethearts who by day take on the world of architecture + physical therapy and shift into the roles of artist + business manager by night. Our energetic canine, Remi, keeps things interesting around the studio. When not working away we enjoy travelling and exploring the beauty of all creation.

We cherish memories + collect experiences and our goal is to help turn the places and things you cherish into something meaningful to you.

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Theresa Benavidez

Theresa Benavidez is a local Kansas City mixed media artists. Her work is non-representational layer of vibrant color and mark making. When asked about her burrent series Benavidez states "My paintings are my way of communicating my life experiences. I use a colorful palatte of acrylic paint, ink, oil pastel, chalk and graphite on paper and canvas. Painting is my mediation, it fills my heart with joy. Nothing makes me happier than to share my work with others."

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Dick Daniels

Kansas City-born illustrator, painter, ceramicist and pall-time junk collector, Dick Daniels is a child of the 50's who blossomed in the full glare of the psychedelic '60's, inftuenced by the underground comix movement, abandoned amusement parks, American folk art and cheap commercial packaging. Daniels worked as an illustrator at the Kansas City Star for five years and a humor card artist for Hallmark for 25 years.  For extra lun he creates oddball wooden signs painted on found and forgotten weathered wood in his ramshackle basement studio as well as Hammerspace Community Workshop, surrounded by a sprawling mass of artifacts from his past, present and luture. Carnival punks, Rat Fink model kits, wooden processed cheese boxes, half-finished robots, MadBalls, Smurf collectibles, stacks of Roi-Tan cigar boxes, millions of old plastic and hard rubber toys, boxes of parts and rusty junk.  


Brittney Gibson


Brittney Gibson graduated from UMKC in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a minor in studio art. Most of her art courses during all her undergrad education consisted of painting and animation. Her work is primarily a series of psychological portraits with cartoons thrown into the mix. Brittney’s self-described style is an attempt to capture her evolving psychological states as she encounters new life challenges and pitfalls. She uses color, distortion, and some symbolism to achieve this. She is currently working towards a J.D. at UMKC School of Law. Although her formal art education has ended, she continues to experiment with her techniques, and art remains a consistent passion in her life.


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Diane Morgan



Diane is a local Kansas city area resident.  She has a BFA in painting from Emporia State University.

Dual life... Master of Social Work, University of Kansas. Practicing trauma, PTSD psychotherapist

Artist statement 

My artwork, specifically my paintings, has evolved over the years from exhibiting details that fill my vision and fulfill my now include capturing the sensations I feel emotionally and physically from what I see.   I am fascinated by architectural aspects of objects..the areas of decay and the areas of unique individual efforts made ...of the atmosphere of what is unsaid.  I love walking neighborhoods and places, noticing these details and visualizing stories and people who may inhabit them. Taking that further I move inside with my mind and then recreate and paint spaces, using color, line, brush, and emotion.  My curiosity increases my empathy and appreciation of the variety of human efforts.  I hope in sharing my work that others can feel some of this too.


Jessica Bundy- Beautifelt

Kansas City is like no other place in the world and for Jessica Bundy her hometown is the driving force of inspiration in her fun and colorful art line; Beautifelt.

Born and raised in South KC, Jessica is a self-taught artist who finds inspiration for her paintings in the sights and sounds around her.  Whether it's a beautiful lyric and melody of a song or colorful rocks picked up on a camping trip--it's the everyday beauty around that channels itself into Jessica's happy and winsome paintings.  With pieces depicting famous KC landmarks like Bartle Hall and the Western Auto building, to charismatic statement pieces, commissioned paintings, and more.  Jessica Bundy's Beautifelt offers something to everyone. 

   When She's not busy creating, Jessica can be found exploring around town with her son Carter, taking in some live music, or enjoying a cold beer on a patio.


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Chad Howerton


Roscoe’s Garage is a custom metal art company owned and operated by Chad Howerton.  Chad started with the intention of using his cnc plasma cutter for automotive and industrial fabrication.  He began making art pieces as gifts for his friends and family and enjoyed it so much that he started a custom metal and sign business.  Chad’s extensive background in Architecture allows him to create one of a kind pieces of metal art.  He specializes in creating custom pieces from customer ideas.  Chad designs his art in AutoCAD and then uses a cnc plasma cutter and various metal finishing techniques to make them reality.  His work includes pieces for your favorite team, pop culture art, retro automotive signs, modern farmhouse designs, and custom signs for home and business.


Geometric Mutations is a result of my constant drive to experiment and my interest in working with new methods and materials.  Digital processes have always played a part in my work, but these new prints are entirely digital creations incorporating 3D models and geometry much more so than my previous works.  Color is another area of experimentation, featuring bolder and brighter colors than I've used in the past.  Laser cut elements and resin epoxy being the newest additions to my repertoire.  

Kansas City is like no other place in the world and for Jessica Bundy her hometown is the driving force of inspiration in her fun and colorful art line; Beautifelt.



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Name: Mel Dawdy 

Currently resides in Prairie Village, KS 

A graduate of UCM , Class of ’03, with a degree in Commercial Art with an emphasis on Graphic Design. 

Spent several years working as a graphic artist before redirecting my career path into public safety. This transition ultimately resulted in neglecting a very core piece of myself. While it wasn’t until recently that this detachment was accurately observed and recognized, I have become quite adapt at compensating for the time and opportunities missed by channeling my energy and my entire self into every creative venture that the world around me presents. Creativity is the means to all ends in my world and having lived so long with my eyes closed has truly given me an insane hunger to observe, appreciate, listen, and learn from the beauty that I see all around me every day. To take a feeling and/or a concept based on the reality as I experience these things within and translate them outward into the world by using any resources available is what drives me. It is a coded communication of my soul, left to viewers to perceive as they will through their own set of values, environment, filters, etc. I create with an open mind with one desire, and that is to make anyone who sees what I accomplish feel… something. 

Due to my extended hiatus, my process is young and currently very primitive in approach. I have decided to begin with a basic set of materials such as pencil, chalk, charcoal, and acrylic to re visit and establish a confident sense of color usage, shapes, perspective, lighting, and balance. The subject matter is more or less the imagery that develops through patterns that my eyes visualize as I build layer upon layer of color. Each layer brings the piece to life and offers a multitude of different pathways laid out before me that I have the freedom to choose and adjust as I see fit depending on the attraction I find myself feeling as the process continues. I chose this approach as a way to specifically shut out a majority of the political and socio-economically charge issues that currently bombard the media. This is my escape, my starting point, the beginning of my journey to remember the beauty that is all around me regardless of how much the mainstream information would have you believe this has all but disappeared.

Missie Jones

Painter/Mixed Media


My name is Missie. I am a local KC artist - lived here pretty much my whole life (with the exception of college & a few random adventures after that). Art is my passion. I've been creating since I can remember, however, I only recently began sharing my pieces with others. Thank you for taking the time to peek at my work & I hope you love them!

Adam Schroeder



Kansas City based woodworker, Adam Schroeder, designs and builds furniture and home goods using reclaimed or salvaged lumber from all over the midwest. Using anything from 100-year-old barns and farm houses, to commercial deconstruction in downtown Kansas City, Adam finds inspiration in simplistic designs that allow the beauty of the wood to be a conversation piece you will be proud of for years on end. He takes pride in the fact each piece he creates is handcrafted and unique. Whether it is century-old saw marks, or a left-behind square head nail, each piece made by Bison Design Co. tells a unique story.

Philip A Bishop


I f%#king love Kansas City. Let's back up just a bit. I used to claim to be from California because, well technically I am, born in Santa Rosa, just north of San Francisco. Having moved to Salina, KS when I was three and growing up there, being from California was definitely higher on the cool scale. After college, my wife and I moved to Kansas City. It wasn't instant. I think it's similar for anyone that moves to a new place, it takes time to become familiar enough with new surroundings before a connection is made. For me it took even longer because I'm somewhat of a introvert. Over the past ten years Kansas City has revamped and reinvented itself. There was always a great foundation but in these past ten years KC feels different. A sense of pride was building. People outside of KC also started to take notice. KC started ranking on best places to live lists, more and more articles and news features came out. My wife and I would get out occasionally for dinner or an event but I never felt like we took advantage of what was here. About a year ago I set out to change this and be a part of the city. Along the way I began taking photos of what I saw and posting them. Three things became apparent over this time: I'm a photographer, I love inspiring people to get out and be apart of our city and that I AM FROM KANSAS CITY. 

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Two-Wheel Inspired Photographer

Kim Horgan is a two-wheel-inspired photographer who doesn't mind a little trespass for a good shot. Born to Irish parents in California, raised in Oklahoma, prefers tea to coffee, avid cyclist and amateur art-maker. Kim has called Kansas City home for over twenty years. She lives in Prairie Village with her three children.

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Timothy Barr Rowland

Fine Artist and Poet

Timothy Barr Rowland is a contemporary Fine Artist and Poet. He is also known as Re Ti Ro, blue dog and timbarow. He has been a professional artist and poet since 2002. His work has been exhibited in countless solo and group exhibitions and displayed both publically and privately in National and International collections. His piece titled "The Blue Dog" has been accepted to the permanent collection at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tim is best known for his traditional work in oil painting, often being called a Primitive painter working in a myriad of styles. He loves the term “fin de siècle” when being described as an inspirational modern artist. He currently teaches Drawing I and II at Shawnee Mission East High School in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. He resides in Kansas City with his beautiful wife Valerie, their two dogs Mati & Hank and their little bunny rabbit, Tally.

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